We help Roofing and Solar companies generate exclusive, and qualified leads

Deal directly on generating qualified leads. Stop wasting time and money on faulty and ineffective ad campaigns that attracts JUNK leads that totally skew your results.

Our Philosophy

Here at Cliquisition Digital, we only bring you exclusive leads. Other companies will not get the same leads as you do. We understand how expensive and straining it is to generate new leads by yourself, we've come to understand that the long term fruit of the partnership is more important than capital.

Hence we only look for a specific kind of client. See if you qualify.

Maybe that's you: It would be my honor to find out.

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Our Service


We only run paid ads, specializing in Facebook ads.

We don't offer everything like other agencies do. We have 3 areas of excellence and we do it with monastic focus.




A Marketing agency that helps you succeed

Let us help take the burden of selling and marketing off your shoulders. Our service is designed to handle your marketing needs, so you can focus on providing exceptional care to your customers. From building your brand to generating leads and managing your online presence, we've got you covered. With our help, you can maximize your impact and grow your practice without any added stress. Contact us today to learn more.

But of course, we're only looking for specific clients that are fit for our company ethos. Especially highly motivated companies.


Meet The A-Team

Javen Jay Elevado


I have been running paid advertising campaigns for the past two years, and I consider myself a seasoned marketer. Analyzing ad performance data has become second nature to me, and I take pride in consistently delivering impressive results for my clients.

In my free time, I enjoy playing chess, as it requires strategic thinking and a sharp mind to outmaneuver my opponents. When it comes to my work, I am very results-driven and frantic about achieving success for my clients. I am constantly looking for ways to improve my techniques and stay on top of industry trends, as I am passionate about what I do and strive for excellence in everything I undertake.

Adam Patel


Hi, my name is Adam Patel. Over the years, I've had the privilege of working with various marketing agencies, which has given me invaluable experience in many different industries. I know the ins and outs of every marketing funnel and strategy, and I'm always excited to take on a new challenge.

Currently, I'm working with Jay and have been doing so for the past year. It's been an incredible experience working with such a talented team, and I'm always learning new things. When I'm not working, I love spending my free time lifting weights. It's a great way to stay healthy, focused, and energized.

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If you have a general inquiry, you can contact us

via email at: javenjay@cliquisition.digital

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